Revealed - My Magazine Crush

Last month when I posted about my dissatisfaction with Mollie Makes, and my success at selling copies online, I mentioned that I had subscribed to a new magazine. At the time I was still waiting for my first subscription issue to be sent, but now it has been, I can reveal that I am in love with....

Selvedge Magazine

Selvedge is published every two months and retails at the eyebrow-raising price of £9.95 an issue. I had leafed through it in the shop several times before I took the plunge to buy an issue, and fell in love with it.

It is just a beautiful magazine with gorgeous photos and illustrations:

John Byrne in Harris Tweed? I like.

Really interesting articles on textile history from around the world:

 Article about a group of Congolese men who dress in immaculate, brightly coloured suits to show their peaceful ideals

And some tutorials:

Interestingly, this guide to making tea towel bunting is from the same book, 'A Passion for Quilting,' that was also featured in Mollie Makes a few issues ago!

I have to admit that I like that this magazine makes me feel intelligent (vanity!) as it is not twee cutesy in any way, and the historic and cultural articles appeal to my museum-loving side. It's not really a crafts magazine per se, but is aimed at people who love learning about fabric and textiles. £9.95 an issue is a price not to be sniffed at, but an annual subscription is about £50, which isn't bad at all. I think that a subscription would make a great present for a textile lover.

What do you think? Do you read Selvedge? Would you buy it?

K x

p.s Glad to hear that a few of you have had success selling your Mollie Makes on eBay too!


  1. I'd never heard of/seen it before, but it looks quite tempting! Sounds right up my alley with its combination of culture/history/tutorials/pretty pictures. :)

  2. sounds very intriguing, I would love to have a browse so I will look for it. thanks for sharing xx

  3. I've been buying the occasional issue for several years. One day I'll stump up the cash and subscribe, it's a beautiful publication.

  4. Cool! This sounds so interesting!

  5. I used to buy Selvedge all the time when I was living in the US - I loved it! I eventually got a subscription. But then I couldn't find it here in France and I wasn't sure if they delivered here. So I miss it!

  6. I am a massive magazine fan but £10 a copy??, any good subscription deals?

  7. it's a seriously nice magazine which I'd love to subscribe to sometime. I only have one issue which is guarded very closely. Enjoy your subscription :)

  8. i've bought it a couple of times and it is a really great magazine... but so crazy expensive that i only buy if there's something i am REALLY interested in.x

  9. I love SELVEDGE. I find it hard to justify that amount of money on amagazine at the moment ( although it is def. worth the price) Last week I was in Concrete Wardrobe on Broughton St. in Edinburgh and noticed that they have a pile of backdated issues for sale at price of £8.00 ( not much of a reduction but nevertheless I bought 2 !)



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