The Dangers of Blogs and Internet Shopping

I think we can all agree that the world of sewing blogging is great. A fantastically supportive and inspiring community. Unfortunately, it has its dangers as well as its delights. I am often 'inspired' to spend money, after having seen someone's gorgeous creation, or heard them rave about a new gadget or particular sewing machine.

For example, I have started hankering after a Singer Featherweight, after reading about them on Peter's blog. If you've ever thought that vintage Singers were just pretty machines, have a read here (if you dare).

You might also have seen Roisin's gorgeous Colette Chantilly dress made with Michael Miller Eiffel Tower fabric:

Image from here

Isn't it fantastic? I loved the fabric but wouldn't have initially picked it for use in a dress as I assumed that it was more of a craft fabric and the wrong weight for dressmaking (I've made the mistake of using the wrong kind of fabric before so I'm fairly cautious now). But no! Roisin's dress was so lovely that I was reassured it would be perfect for a dress, so I had to buy some fabric for myself in this colourway:

I'm definitely envisioning some kind of dress, but I'm not sure yet what kind - don't worry I might throw the question out on my blog, with a few potential patterns!

K x


  1. Ooh, I am SO glad you've bought this fabric! I've admired it before but have always managed not to purchase it, somehow. I think Bernie Dexter's line of vintage-inspired clothing has a couple of lovely dresses made in this same print & color scheme, you know, in case you were looking for more inspiration. :)

  2. I love this fabric! This will be so cute on you! But I hear you-- I just ordered an invisible zipper foot after reading Karen's post about them the other day. I keep discovering new ways to spend money!

  3. Yay for you! I love that Eiffel Tower print! How about a short sleeve or sleeveless Peony?

  4. Yay, Kerry! After making my Chantilly I went and bought some more of the fabric in that blue colourway, too, for another dress! It's definitely suitable for dressmaking but probably not any pattern that requires any real drape - it's quite a crisp cotton. I agree with Sarah, a Peony would be lovely in it. What drew me in was the Bernie Dexter dresses Sue mentioned so it's definitely worth having a wee look at those too.

    And like gingermakes, I'm very seriously considering investing in an invisible zipper foot now....

    1. I can't wait to see your next Eiffel dress!

  5. I hear you! It's so dangerous - my pattern collection is out of control because of other people's lovely makes. I'm now under a strict no purchasing order as I try to make use of fabric and patterns I already own! But it's hard (and has only been going a few days...)

  6. Definitely a serious danger to my savings plan! Pattern and fabric 'inspiration' is my downfall - but what a pleasant downfall it is :o)

  7. Oh it's so dangerous....I agree! I blame all you lot for my dwindling funds and space ;o) I love the fabric you chose, I actually made a lovely vintage-style pinnie from that fabric last year!

  8. Oh my goodness, I completely agree about the dangers. Though to be fair, had I not stumbled upon this sub culture to begin with, I never would have even picked up sewing - and that would be sad.

    Your new fabric is wonderful - I love the whimsical feel of it and think it will make an enchanting dress. So keep us posted on your pattern choice.

  9. I have two Featherweights that are workhorses.
    one is a 1948 machine, the other 1953


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