About 2 months ago I posted here with a list of a few thing I was planning to make. So how have I got on? Let's see!

1. Vintage Wrap blouse in Gingham/Check, version with short sleeves.

DONE! But not blogged, since the fit is rubbish. It didn't help that I really didn't understand how the pattern worked from looking at the pattern pieces and I couldn't work out how to lengthen it, even though I was sure it was going to be too short. It was! And the bust is way too big. One day in the future I will probably re-visit this and do it right.

2. A blouse with a peter pan collar based on McCalls 9458

DONE! And I made another top using the same pattern. Still refining though - not ready for the Liberty just yet.

3. A cord skirt for weekend wear, using a Vintage Simplicity pattern

DONE! And I made a patterned version too. This was undoubtedly my favourite and most successful make.

4. A casual dress for the weekends 

 Kinda Done - In that I made my 'Emphatically Empire Line' dress, but am a bit 'meh' about it.

5. A shirt dress

This is still to come...

6. A dress for a wedding at the end of May. 


All in all, I'm chuffed with my list progress. It really helped to focus my sewing and I even fitted in some additional projects, like PJs for me and for my current husband.

I spent last weekend sewing my Sailor Skirt and have cut out the pieces for a maxi Dress (using the Style pattern - thanks for all the input, commenters!).

Overall Sewing Conclusions
I'm really motivated to sew right now, and have been making one project after another. I've been making good use of my fabric and pattern stashes, which I'm very pleased about. I'm definitely finding a few patterns which I love, and want to refine the patterns for so I can make multiples.

I am also increasingly keen to make practical items I can wear frequently. I'm really happy with my blue and white dress for a wedding, but while making it I felt sad that all my hard work would result in a dress that wouldn't see much wear. Does this mean I am 'maturing' as a seamstress?! Or just realising that it's silly to have a wardrobe of infrequently worn clothes?

I'll also be posting soon with my plan for the next few things I want to make - I have no idea if anyone finds these kind of posts interesting, but I find it so helpful to set out my plans for sewing to keep myself on track. For me, it really works.

K x


  1. I was about to do a similar exercise as I am rubbish at sticking to plans! And I love reading other people's lists - it gives me inspiration and motivation so please keep it up! :D
    You have made some lovely clothes recently - especially the dress! It's worth the work to have something special to reach for in your wardrobe when an invitation arrives out of the blue.

  2. So glad you've been posting sewing stuff lately - I've been trying to summon up motivation to get my machine back out lately, you're def inspiring me! (and I will not let it win every fight we have this time...) :)

  3. Ooh! I love that you've been so diligent and responsible with your sewing! I so rarely stick to my plans-- I get distracted by everything shiny and jump to the next new thing. :( Keep up the good work!!

  4. Good job on the progress! I love those two skirts; I definitely need to add a corduroy skirt to my to-do list. :)

  5. You are on a roll. Fantastic see all the work together

  6. I agree with Roo, I love reading other people's lists and plans. They definitely motivate and inspire me, plus there's always something I hadn't thought of myself that I can steal!
    It's a shame that the things we spend the most time on get worn the fewest number of times (usually at weddings!). But I still think it's worth it just for that rush of pride you get when you see something handmade and beautiful hanging in your wardrobe.
    I look what you're making, keep em coming! X

  7. Lovely things and why not wear the wedding dress other times? It's a lovely, elegant waisted dress, could you wear it to work while the weather is ok? :) Also, I have a request, I feel that current husband should be Current Husband. It is a title after all ;-)

    1. Ha ha, agreed - Current Husband it is, how remiss of me :)

  8. I like seeing your plans! but I especially like these follow-up posts -- it is interesting to see what you ended up making and what missed the cut.
    Also -- maybe you'll have a chance to get in on Sunni's sew-along for your shirt dress :)

  9. I love seeing your plans too and I echo what others have said: It's inspiring, motivating and re-assuring. I'm loving your two dresses in particular. Keep sewing and keep blogging. Please!! Px

  10. I agree with MrsC, you can wear the wedding dress in real life easily. A cardie with tights and flats and you're dressed down. It's too pretty not to use the dress.

  11. I wouldn't save that dress for just weddings, wear it elsewhere, it's great!

  12. Great sewing Kerry - I like the look of your Peter Pan blouse ...very nice
    You've got on well with your lists...I too like seeing what others have in mind, but won't hold you to it - afterall I am the very worst offender in not keeping to a plan & being madly side tracked.


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