Upcoming Sewing

Since some of you kindly commented that you liked hearing about my sewing plans - here's my upcoming list....

1. A maxi dress! After all your input (thank you!) I chose the Style pattern (view 3 with square neckline, to be lengthened) and have cut out the pieces already.

2. A shirt dress. Using this pattern won in Handmade Jane's Giveaway:

I was so chuffed to win this pattern in Jane's giveaway. When she commented that it reminded her of the Lisette Traveller pattern I was sold, as I've wanted to make that pattern for some time (she also hilariously referred to it as 'dinner lady chic', but I think I can make it work!). I'm planning to make view 3, with a fabric yet to be decided. Maybe a chambray.

3. A project to revisit jersey and knits. Last time I tried, I couldn't get into sewing with jersey and blamed my machine. Having seen just too many fab knit projects to list, I'm going to give it another go. I know a few bloggers have written about sewing with knits in the last few months, so I'll be revisiting those posts with interest.

4. Another one seam skirt in a plain fabric, for work. And maybe a denim one.

5. At least one more McCalls blouse. Probably more than one.

6. A casual skirt using this vintage Simplicity pattern

 I love the pocket detail on view 1, the grey one.

And I think that's enough to keep me busy in the meantime!

EDIT - I forgot one!
7. This Simplicity Dress (v.2 with short sleeves and a wide neckline) in Eiffel Tower Fabric. I'll be making a wearable muslin first.

K x


  1. You have some great makes ahead of you. Like you, I love lists. Unlike you, I am bad at following up with my sewing lists. I must amend that.

    A shirt dress in chambray is a great fabric choice. As is the one for your maxi. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Ooh yes - chambray shirt dress! Definitely! Love your plans! Happy sewing!

  3. Yay! Glad you opted for that maxi dress, can't wait to see the finished article. x

  4. Great plans! I definitely recommend the shirt dress in chambray. I have one (bought at Target years ago) that I wear to death. They're so versatile!

    1. ALSO! I love the new blog background - I think I recognize some of those cute buttons. :) :)

    2. Yes! You definitely do! :) I was playing around with images for the background and I already had the photo and I thought it fitted well.

  5. Nice list! I also want to make something in knit... probaby a maxi dress, so I'll be coming back often to see what's "knitting" under your machine!!!

  6. So cool! I love all of these ideas! Of course, your maxi will be FAB, and the shirt dress is way too cute! What a lovely pattern!

  7. Your sewing plans always include vintage pattern candy....love all of it!!

  8. You're so organised! Everything is lovely, and I really like the shirt dress, view 3 is my favourite too. :)

  9. I think you'll ROCK that shirt dress pattern, especially in chambray, what a lovely idea. Version 3 is my favourite too, the model even looks a bit like you (well, same hair!) x

  10. Ohh I adore that skirt pattern! I'd love to have ten of those kinds of skirts.


  11. I love the Simplicity dress with the eiffel fabric. Those colours are going to look gorgeous. Can't wait to see it and so envious of your productivity!


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