1950 Sewing Supplies Catalogue

I received this catalogue from Leni as part of the Summer Sewing Swap. I loved getting a glimpse into what the home seamstress of 60 years ago would be able to order. Getting this catalogue would have been just as exciting as finding a new sewing supplies website, don't you think?

Here are a few pages:

Look at all the zip colours!! Not sure how easily you could match them to your fabric without seeing the colours though

No more hassle with covering your own belt buckles and buttons - just send in your fabric and choose what you want. Love the sweet heart -shaped button

This page contains my favourite thing in the catalogue - the inflatable dress form!

Here's the dress form again - perhaps not the most practical invention in the world. I also think that the designers of the Betsy Ross sewing machine have a different definition of 'glamorous' to the rest of us

 Electric shears - didn't really catch on did they?

Astounding array of pressing tools

See anything you would like?

K x


  1. i am really laughing at an inflatable dummy. how many people popped it with a pin the first time they used it?

  2. I had to do a double take with the inflatable dress form. Not the most practical idea, though it probably was easy to store away.

  3. Electric shears? I bought some fabric in a shop I don't usually buy from a while ago & they cut it with electric shears! It caught me buy surprise... Obviously its not an idea that caught on with home sewists!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post - I love looking at old catalogues. The buckles and buttons are my favourites.

  5. Inflatable dress form? Interesting, though not overly practical I imagine! :-) I am craving half of those pressing tools though it has to be said. What a great catalogue

  6. Wow, what fun to look at this! Really interesting!

  7. wow that is so awesome! Only $25 for a dress form! wow! Mine cost almost $600! and that was w/a student discount!
    btw: new follower here. I just found your blog and love it! Feel free to pass by my blog and follow back. Also a fellow sewer and fashion lover.


  8. I reckon you're right, I bet this catalogue would have pleased many dressmakers.


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