Knickers, Bloggers, Glorious

All of the knicker seamstresses, minus our host Winnie the photographer

What a weekend! I was lucky enough to meet up with some fantastic sewing bloggers this Saturday, for a day of sewing chat, swaps and knicker making. Our venue was Bath and our host the lovely Scruffy Badger. Bath isn't particularly close to Glasgow, but I was able to use the meet up as an opportunity to stay with family nearby and catch up with them too, which was also lovely.

In attendance on Saturday were:

We got to enjoy some of the lovely sights of Bath before settling down for lunch.

Tamsin and Rachel at Royal Crescent (scowling cardigan man not part of group) - there is a woman dressed in Regency costume on the left, as part of a Jane Austen event that was also happening that day

Roisin and Jane

Roisin, Jane, Melizza and Shivani

After lunch came the swap of patterns, fabric and notions. I got some floral printed cotton drill from Laura, that she used to make this skirt. I'm hoping to use it for a skirt too.

Tamsin, Winnie and Sheena listening intently to the items being introduced

Sheena, Roisin and Jane look at patterns over Sticky Toffee Pudding

 Amy and Dibs. Dibs REALLY loved that pattern - I hope we see a version of it from you soon, Dibs!

Then it was on to the lovely Makery for some stitching.

Our pants fabric was pre-cut for us, so we got to choose trims and learned the tricky skill of attaching the elastic

Rachel putting the finishing touches to her underwear (mine are on the table!)

The day absolutely flew in and I had such a lovely time. It was fantastic to catch up with sewing blogger friends and to meet other bloggers who I have been reading for ages. Plus I learned how to make pants!! I am pretty impressed with what I made - they are not perfect and I still have to 'road test' them for a whole day of wear, but I am definitely going to be making some more.

Thanks so much Winnie for organising a great day - I had a fantastic time

K x


  1. I'm so gutted I didn't know about this I was staying with family in Bristol! :( Maybe next time x

  2. Oh sooo jealous, I love Bath, but a little far for me for a meet-up :-( Did you know there is a fantastic costume museum there? It looks like you had a great time.

  3. Woo hoo! What fun - and sticky toffee pudding too!

  4. It was so lovely meeting you again !!!

  5. I was so glad we got to meet up again.

  6. Wonderful wonderful weekending with you Kerry. I'm so impressed you managed to travel so far and catch a family visit too...thank you for joining us, it away ace, and your pants rock!

  7. How fun!! Cute undies, too! :)

  8. Was such a fun day! i ,ook forward to seeing what you do with the fabric :o)

  9. So pleased to have met you at last Kerry! You're as lovely in real life as you are on your blog! Your shirt dress was awesome too. x

  10. It was so wonderful to finally meet you Kerry - though as I've followed your blog for a bit, it didn't feel like I was meeting you for the first time. x

  11. Kerry - just the same as what Shivani said, meeting you was like seeing an old friend. Thanks for a fab day :)

  12. Bath and a host of fabulous bloggers? That sounds like a brilliant day.
    I want to make my own pants, I can't bear spending money on them! x

  13. This looks like it was such a fun day. Bath is so lovely. Plus the knickers are great too!

  14. Hi Kerry, it was great to meet you! I have been to a couple of meet-ups, and am still struggling with the etiquette of meeting someone you feel you know, but actually don't know at all!


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