Look! I'm Tweeting!

I caved in to the pressure and have joined Twitter, after reassurances that it was much better than Facebook.

Here I am if you want to be kept up to date with the very latest excitement:

Or if you want to wait for me to make a hilarious Twitter faux pas like threatening to blow up an airport (probably not that exact thing though). Fun times!

I'm also looking for some people to follow too, so identify yourself and I will follow you. I'll probably say something brilliant soon.

K x


  1. lol I have a friend who did that same thing - threat via Twitter - to his hometown news station. I guess they were interrupting his hockey game watching :B He got in sooo much trouble lol

    Anyway, I'm LLLLADYBIRD! Although I admit, I don't use the Twitter too much.. I'm an Instagram girl, it seems :)

  2. *Clicks follow* I'm on as @manc_vintage - look forward to seeing you tweet!

  3. At my previous place of work, there was an internal version called Chatter. The head of IT referred to it as Twatter, and twatting. He justified this (which showed his understandable contempt for the whole idea) by saying he was merely using a combo of Twitter and Chatter. ;)
    I am on Twitter, but I never go on there, IT sends me emails, but I ignore them. Life is too short and I lost faith in it when I failed to use it to locate Stephen Fry when he was over here. Sometimes that happens...

  4. hmmmm...haven't done the Twitter thing yet, not sure what I would tweet about, plus I have no idea how it works. Sometimes I feel so old ;)

  5. I still haven't warmed up to Twitter. I tried it once but it didn't go too well. Those hashtags and keywords put me in a tizzy!

  6. Twitter seems to have more of a purpose than FB. Most of the people I follow on there have something exciting to share. I have to say, I'm tired of seeing 'bored' statuses of FB users! See you over there!


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