Anyone want to swap some 4 ply yarn with me?

This is just a post on the off-chance. I have 7 balls of Rowan Pure Wool 4 ply in a lovely rich purple. I bought it a wee while ago and am now having second thoughts as it doesn't particularly go with anything I usually wear.

I would love to swap it for some equivalent yarn (4 ply, 100% wool) in a colour that I would wear. These colours would be - red, green, turquoise, mustard, rich blue. I have had a peruse on Ravelry at their yarn swap section but can't see anything quite right.

So, if you have anything you'd be willing to swap please let me know by the end of the week in the comments or by email on kestrelmail[at]

It's a lovely rich colour and a good quality wool so if no one wants it I'm going to knit it up into a cardigan anyway!

These photo are an ok representation of the colour - I'd say it was a little darker than it photographs (the ball band is more creamy coloured than white so it's a little bleached out).

K x


  1. I have some 4ply rowan cashsoft in a sage green, would you be interested? Pretty sure I've got seven balls. I think it's 'fennel' on this colour chart

    Is yours 'indigo' or 'framboise' from this chart do you reckon?

    I'd definitely like to swap if you're interested! My last big knit was a green cardigan so I'm keen to do something in a different spectrum...

    1. I THINK it's indigo, definitely not framboise. I will check the ball band when I get home and confirm. I do like the look of that green too, definitely a colour I would wear.

  2. Ah awesome, well let me know if you're interested in a swap. Been hoarding the green stuff for years and still can't work out what to make with it!

  3. i have about 7 balls of cream coloured sublime (merino ?) 4ply...I have knitted a ysolda Lalika out of about 7 previous balls and am planning on dying the cardigan as I don't think me and cream work but potentially the other 7 if I can find them could be up for a swap.

    I also have 15 balls of 25g Rowan Yorkshire tweed...most of the button bands are there and mostly they are still 25g balls (knitted a swatch out of 10... it is black with flecks of colour and it knits up seriously fine, ok i am a loose knitter but I a using 2.75mm and less to get a decent gauge

    Am Vlad on Ravelery if you want to talk further

    PS love the Manu, know what you mean about the sleeves, I have remedial work to do on mine !


    1. Thanks for the offer Pennie but yesilikethat and I are swapping - she won me over with her lovely green wool!

  4. I don't have any to swap but it looks like such a gorgeous colour! <3


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