Still Looking & Finding

Charity shop finds have been a bit thin on the ground of late. I have been looking, but there hasn't been much to buy. My Current Husband does occasionally mention that I neglect the 'Finds' part of my blog name, but if I'm not finding anything there's nothing to show!

Anyway, I went charity shopping with my friend a few weeks ago, and got a couple of vintage sheets:

They were excellently priced at £1 and £1.50 each. I do have a plan for these, which I really should put into action at some point. (Oh, how mysterious I am!).

Then last week I made a great find of vintage sewing and knitting patterns in a charity shop I often visit during my lunch. It has a vintage section which isn't too badly priced (though mostly full of 1980s wear) and often has sewing related things, including fabric. There was a box full of patterns which I've been through several times before, but also a new basket full of patterns - woo hoo!

The patterns were mostly for kids clothing but I got a few adult ones, and they were all only 29p each, what a bargain.

Some of the illustrations on the kids patterns were pretty creepy:

I won't show you the knitting patterns I picked up, since they will be used for an upcoming Pattern Monday. I have been relying on eBay to provide the last few Pattern Monday posts I've done, it's so long since I've found some appropriately terrible patterns to share with you. So you'll be pleased to know that my personal archive of heinous patterns is now growing again.

A couple of days ago I popped back into the same shop and found this sweet vintage crochet (?) collar, a snip at 29p:

I wonder if charity shop finds work seasonally, being better at the times of year when people are getting rid of things (like spring cleaning)? Maybe it doesn't make a difference too much, and you certainly never can tell when, or where, you'll find that next great thing. Such is the joy of charity shopping.

Have you found anything good recently?

K x


  1. love those sheets - great finds! i discovered that my secret charity shop owner normally throws our sewing patterns as she didn't think anyone would want them! can you imagine the lovely ones that probably ended up in the bin? heartbreaking!

    1. Oh no! I hope she'll keep them for you from now on.

  2. Ooh great finds! I did a quick rake thru the charity shops nears me last week but couldn't find much inspiration...maybe folk are just slower to spring clean here! :)

  3. Not a whole lot recently, I'm trying to not buy too much non-essential stuff, need to declutter before the move. So I'm not sure my blog entirely lives up to its title either!

  4. Hhehe! Keep showing scaries, they do make me chuckle so!!

  5. Far too much, I'm afraid. I'm off to set up the jumble sale in a bit so no doubt will come back with yet more, thank goodness March is filled with vintage fairs to offload most of it!
    Love those patterns! x

  6. I haven't found anything for a while either, I keep looking though. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for those sheets!

  7. The charity shops where I live are pants, so no finds for me. I love your lace collar!

  8. Those are great finds ~ love the fabric :) I laughed out loud at the creepy children comment - so true! haha
    I WISH I had great charity or vintage shops near me. I've looked and looked and driven my sister and mom crazy with wanting to stop and "take a quick look" here and there. Nothing :(

  9. Charity shops definitely have seasons. They just ran a news story in my town about how sad the donations are this time of year. Apparently right around christmas is the best time and anytime the weather changes. The sheets were a great find!

  10. Ooh, pretty sheets! I'm interested to see what you make!


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