Vintage Sewing patterns on eBay!

I'm selling a load of vintage patterns on eBay right now. You can see them here.  Do have a look! Lots of 1970s but a few other eras thrown in too.

Listed here

(And if you've ever thought about buying a pattern lot and then selling them individually, be warned that it takes absolutely ages if you're going to check they are complete, photograph then and list them. Let's hope I sell some!)

Have a good weekend

K x


  1. I have a ton of vintage (40/50/60's) patterns that I need to list too, but I too have discovered that it takes forever to determine if all the pieces are present--especially since they are the perforated kind instead of the printed ones.

    Good luck with your selling!

    1. Thanks :-) non printed ones would be a bit of a faff but worthwhile to sell as the 40s to 60s would be very popular.

  2. Excellent. I can never have too many vintage patterns. I'll pop an have alook.

  3. Gorgeous, you can never have too many vintage patterns. Good luck! x

  4. You've got some great patterns there. Good luck!

  5. Tell me about it. I have tons. I never get many listed because I dread counting pieces, then there's the scanning, uploading and all else involved with getting them listed. Anyway, nice patterns and good luck!

  6. Good luck with them! I was recently given a massive bag full of old patterns and a lot of them aren't my size or style so I was hoping to try and sell them, NOT relishing the thought of going through and checking all the pieces though!


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