Sunday Snapshots

A few pictures of what's captured my attention this week:

Snow outside my parents' house in Northern Ireland. I visited for a few days and luckily we weren't snowed in, unlike some people in the province who were completely cut off by terrible snow drifts.

Box of embroidery threads from one of my parents' friends. I love the old Basildon Bond writing paper box they were stored in. Am hoping they might inspire an embroidery project.

Pile of CDs with feline photo bomber. We've been ripping CDs before getting rid of them to save space. Leading to lots of comments like "I didn't know you liked Chemical Brothers/Super Furry Animals/etc, so much."
Adorable baby sewing pattern, kindly sent to me by The Vintage Knitter. Look at the little rabbit ears!!

Need I say any more? Happy Easter!

K x


  1. Happy Easter to you too! Stay warm.xxxx

  2. It looks so cold! Have a fab time. x

  3. Ah that pattern is rather cute... I did the same with my CDs a while ago then my hard drive broke, so annoyed! Not that I had that many in the first place but I refuse to pay for Steps first album again... ;)

  4. Happy Easter! Love that vintage baby wear pattern :)

  5. Happy Easter! A girl after my own heart, my favorite chocolate by far!!!

  6. Happy Easter, lady! That vintage pattern is so cute-- the little ears kinda make my heart hurt!

  7. oh i'm a CD hoarder, even though I have ripped them all, and frequently listen to albums I own on spotify. But I've never thrown any away, even though I have a stack of embarassing music that I used to listen to.

    I may have to get rid of some when I run out of room on my walls.

    (i have a giveaway at the moment - please come and have a look)


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