Knitting and Crochet for Baby - A Round Up

Just a few things I have been making for the baby:

A ripple crochet blanket using the absolutely excellent Attic 24 instructions on making a ripple blanket. So easy to follow. I made this kind of about pram size. I'm so chuffed with it, especially as it is my first proper crochet project that is an actual 'thing', not just an abandoned piece of practice crochet. I also enjoyed crocheting it loads and really want to start another crochet project although I don't know what yet.

Little red baby hat:

Using the Simple Baby Hat pattern by Alison Williams.

Little red baby shoes:

Using the Saartje's Booties pattern - an old favourite of mine.

I'm also in the process of knitting a matinee coat from a Debbie Bliss pattern:

I've knit the back and two front pieces but progress has stalled as I decided my immediate need for knitting myself a new hat was greater. Can you believe I have lost TWO handmade hats since I've been pregnant?! Not to mention the vintage scarf, set of keys and the £30 out of my purse....yeah....losing my belongings has been the hallmark of this pregnancy. Still, an excuse to make a new hat is always good.

Have you got any baby patterns you're particularly fond of knitting? New ideas are always welcome.

K x


  1. I love the blanket - the rippling pattern really makes an impact!
    If you like top-down seamless knitting, I can recommend the Baby Sophisticate jacket
    which was such a breeze to make that even I finished in less than a week and I am a notoriously slow knitter.

  2. So sweet! I'm crocheting a ripple blanket too! It's a bit addictively simple and relaxingly repetitious isn't it?!

  3. What fab makes, the balnket is amazing and the booties are so cute!! I wish I had been into crochet when my two were wee, I will have to make do with crochet for everyone elses babies now!!


  4. Adorable and I love the colours you've chosen, you've been so busy!

  5. I love everything you've made Kerry - lucky baby! x

  6. Aaaw, they're all so adorable Kerry!!!

  7. Holy moly you're being productive! That blanket is beautiful!

  8. What lovely things you've made. The ripple is a great pattern isn't it? I've made it for a couple of friends and it always turns out so nicely, lucky baby :)

    1. It's brilliant, really easy for a beginner and very effective.

  9. i love that pattern! It may be just what I'm looking for.

    (how does this keep happening?)


  10. These are so cute!! I love the little red hat :)

  11. what lovely baby knits - lucky wee baby. and such colours! I love bold and colours for babies :) I don't have any baby knitting patterns that I've used in the past - only knitted an elephant for a friend's baby (the Elijah pattern on Ravelry) - it took no time at all, and the baby loves it (it likes to grab onto the trunk and ears).

  12. I always messed up the laundry when I was pregnant. Forgot to put the soap in or forgot to put the coins in. After my baby was born I would always forget my groceries. I would take a little inventory: baby - check; purse - check; baby's blanket, shoes and hat - check. So I would leave and then someone would come out running "Miss, Miss, you forgot your groceries!"

  13. Wow - that's your first crochet project?! It's fab! And you whipped it up so fast! Also loving those little red bootees - do they do them in an 8?? I love your more modern take on baby knitting, it doesn't all have to be white after all! xxx


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