Pattern Monday #42 Grumpy Child Special

Least happy child knitwear models ever.

K x


  1. My Mum made me come to the photoshoot but there is NO WAY I am smiling!

  2. Could that top one be a young Ian Beale????

  3. Honestly, I don't blame them! I feel especially sorry for the girl in the bottom photo having to wear that stupid hat and sailor's collar. It reminds me of the boy on the Dreft hand washing powder box who has been forced to wear a baseball facing sideways (not even back to front!). I feel sorry for him every time I do my hand washing!!

    1. Aw! I like the boy with the headphones who is refusing to interact with the whole situation.

  4. Haha - they look so grumpy!

  5. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is spectacular. I love their crabby little faces-- they look like angry Persian cats!

  6. the kiddo up top doesn't know if he is more upset by the hat, flag, or sweater he is being forced to wear. I do love the cables on the second pattern!


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