Sunday Snapshots

I'm a dot com! You might have noticed that my web address has changed to My blogger address now redirects to my .com address so there won't be any need for you to change your settings just yet, although things may change in the future. I've dropped the 'finds' part of my address and might change the blog name as well. What do you think? But for the meantime it makes it a lot easier to tell people my blog address!
 Pattern pieces for the Wiksten Tova, all laid out and ready to tape together. It's actually nearly finished now and I am SO looking forward to sharing it with you as I am very chuffed with it.
A serious looking Dot, sitting in a cardboard box that was FULL of baby clothes and accessories, kindly sent by my Current Husband's family. SO.MUCH.BABY.STUFF. Even the cutest little baby jeggings. However it seems a shame to break down the box due to the amount of time that the cats are spending sitting in it, looking like it's their job. Too cute.

 Yes that's right, this is a picture of an inside of a cupboard. However much of my free time these days seems to be spent clearing stuff out or worrying about space. We live in a one bedroom flat, and though it's not a tiny one, space is at an absolute premium so there's no room for clutter. I must be nesting - I also bought some drawer liners yesterday and I've never done that before...


New Converse! I had my heart set on a Kermit-the-Frog-bright-green pair but I just can't find the right shade anywhere. Found this lovely turquoise pair in the Office sale, and they even have a bit of leopard print on them.

K x


  1. I did the same! I'm now "Bundana begins..." rather than "Bundana begins Dressmaking" as my blog has turned into much more than a dressmaking blog, hahaha... the creative vent is now open!

    I really like the new name, good luck lady!!

    Bundana @

  2. I think it's really difficult to decide on a blog name, when you start blogging, isn't it? Sometimes the subjects you write about change and your lifestyle changes, so you need to update the title. I'm not so sure if I want to be "on trend" anymore, though I still like the domain.
    Your name is very good, much easier to tell friends now!

    1. Definitely, I didn't give my blog name too much thought and like you say, you don't know how your blog will develop.

  3. Love the new kicks! They're so cute! And your kitty does look very serious guarding his box. :)

  4. That kitty pic is just too cute - don't deprive them of something they obviously love *Puss in Boots type pleading look*

    Congrats on becoming a dotcom!

    ps If I ever leave Manchester I'm up the creek without a paddle blog-wise :P

  5. Congrats on the dot com, I think the name works, it's what I call you in my head anyway! I am sure you can still find things. It is hard getting a name that is right, mine is not always great, I mean I am busy, but not stuff anyone is probably interested in, hardly going to blog about work now am I?
    Your kitty is super cute, better not deprive him of his new toy! :)

  6. I like the new name, straight to the point and easy to say, though I hope you still 'find' exciting things too!

  7. Ha ha drawer liners...that happened to me too! x

  8. I think the name is inspired, well done :)

  9. Tova is a winner, I love mine! Look forward to seeing yours :)


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