Reminder: Spring Sewing Swap

Hi Swappers

A wee reminder that the deadline for your swap partner receiving their parcel is Monday 17th June, so just 2 weeks away from this coming Monday. I hope you've all been shopping or at least thinking about what to get for your partner. I always find it fun shopping for someone else, and hoping you've picked something they'll like.

You can find all swap related posts, including partners, here. By now you should have made contact with your partner or they should have got in touch with you - if you've been trying but haven't heard from your partner do let me know and I'll try and chase it up.

Happy Swapping!

K x


  1. Yay! I sent my parcel out today. I love these swaps. Thanks for organizing again!

    1. You're welcome! I've been enjoying picking things for my partner too.

  2. I sent my package out this past Friday AND I received mine ,It was wonderful.. So much fun, thank you so much. Judy


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