Round Up #3: 4 Outfits from Me Made May

The theme of my outfits this week has been carpe diem - my Crescent skirt has been out of action for about 5 weeks as it needed mended and when I finally got around to fixing and wearing it again, it felt pretty tight! Hopefully I can get a few more weeks of wear out of it, I'd been confident I could wear it up til the end of pregnancy, but perhaps not.

I also decided to start wearing the empire line dress I made last year (not made as a maternity dress!) and it is perfect for just now. A little tight around the bust but otherwise it's great. I thought it was perhaps a little smart but you know, if I don't wear it now when will I?

 Day 16: Happy Spotty Renfrew and Maternity kind-of Crescent skirt

Day 17: Empire Line Dress

Day 18: Raspberry Conserve cardigan worn with old H&M top and jeans

Day 20: Maternity kind-of Crescent skirt worn with shop-bought blouse

So nothing really too exciting to show off this week. I think this is usually the stage of Me Made May where I begin to run out of steam. However I will have a new, that's right NEW, dress to show off next week plus perhaps a new skirt too.

K x


  1. Ohhh that Empire waisted dress is LOVELY. You look the perfect mom-to-be in it.

  2. That dress is gorgeous! xxx

  3. Ooh I love the fabric on your empire line dress, pretty! :)

  4. You're looking great! I officially ran out of steam today and there's still a week left, ack!

  5. Seriously love the empire line dress, so pretty.


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