Round Up #4 - Me Made May Week 4: Introduction of the the Cats

I'm counting it as a huge success that I have made it to day 23 of Me Made May without including any cats in my photos. When I'm getting a bit fed up of photography and my outfits, I tend to grab a cat to be the focus. Here I've fitted in two cats- Dot on top of the fridge and a blurry Tilda, struggling to get away.

Only 3 photos this week as I forgot one day, but you've seen the garments before anyway.

Day 23: Juniper Dress

Day 24: Happy Spotty Renfrew and Restyled denim skirt - forgot to photograph

 Day 25: Nautical Dress - on its first outing, worn for a friends' wedding reception

Day 26: Looking pretty big in my Jungle April Renfrew plus Sea Green Jumper - made pre-blog but on Ravelry here. Photograph taken at the ruins of the Collegiate Church at Castle Semple during a walk. I'm ashamed to admit that the jumper has needed to be mended for months now as it has developed a hole in the back.

So May is nearly finished but I'm planning to take a couple more photos this week and even squeeze in a skirt I've been making. I started it on the bank holiday Monday but it went wrong so am aiming to get it fixed and ready to wear on Friday (er, that'll be tonight then!).

I've not really been engaging with the MMM Flickr group this year. Even though I rejoined Flickr specially so I could post to it, it's not really been on my radar, though I have posted a few photos. So I really haven't been checking out what other people have been wearing, apart from through the blogs I follow.

K x


  1. Three fab outfits and one gorgeous cat! x

  2. I haven't had much time to participate in Flickr either, but I have been looking at everybody's blogs. :)

  3. You're looking fabulous! I really love that nautical dress!

  4. Hi, kitty! That nautical dress really is cute!


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