Review: The Amazings Online Class & FREE online class for everyone!

Recently I was contacted by The Amazings to see if I would like to try one of their new online classes. The concept behind The Amazings is for people over 50 to pass on skills through classes in real life, and now also online.

Although I know Craftsy classes are popular, I've never used an online class before. I decided to try the Heirloom Patchwork Quilt class as I have recently been dipping my toe in the world of quilting.


The class is taken by Virginia, who is a lifelong crafter.  Rather than talking to the camera, which can come across as stilted and unnatural unless the presenter is well practiced, the format of the class has Virginia showing someone (Jen) what to do. Jen's role is to stand in for the viewer, as a beginner in quilting who asks questions. This makes for a relaxed format, like you are attending a craft afternoon in someone's home. Virginia's Mum even drops by for tea and cake and shares her own crafty background.

Virginia is a lady after my own heart, who loves to use vintage and charity shop fabrics and encourages viewers to get looking in the bedding sections of charity shops (often the source for great finds, I've discovered).

I don't know how this format would translate to demonstrating something very technical with a lot of intformation but for this subject the format works well. As they are leisurely cutting out templates and fabric, conversation covers Salvage Hunters on the Quest channel and Virginia's sewing and antique-selling background. Personally I found it enjoyable to watch and confidence-building in that quilt making looks to be relaxed and easy. However I don't think this style would be for everyone if you are looking for specific information or for something more to the point.

The class is divided into 10 episodes of around 8 to 9 minutes. Under each video are notes from Virginia and there is also a pdf file with templates and some more notes plus you can get in touch with the presenter to ask questions, which is helpful in the case where the notes and video are not enough. I was interested to know about the kind of batting to use but the notes on that are quite vague - only that it is available in John Lewis and Hobbycraft. However it's exactly the kind of question you might want to ask Virginia.

Do I feel inspired to make an heirloom quilt? I do feel inspired to try a bit of paper piecing by hand. I usually knit in the evenings and when watching TV but like embroidery, hand sewing and quilting are also great portable and small scale crafts.

So now for the freebie. Anyone, that's right ANYONE can try one of the new online classes for free using this link.

Here's the range of classes they currently have online:

  •     Make Natural Beauty Products
  •     Three Retro Hair Dos
  •     Make a Mosaic Flower Pot
  •     Learn to Patchwork Quilt
  •     Try Altered Books
  •     Turn a man’s shirt into a summer dress
  •     Create a Silver Metal Clay Butterfly
  •     Loom knit a woolly hat
All you need to do is follow the link and once you have signed up you will be able to browse your chosen class.

What do you think - are you interested in giving one of the classes a go?

K x

Disclaimer: I didn't receive payment for this review but received access to the class for free. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Ooh, this looks very interesting. I'm going to investigate! xx

  2. Thank you for the link! I'm going for the hair do class.

    1. I thought that one looked good, but think my hair would be a bit short for it so no point.

  3. Thanks for this! My hair is really long now so I'm doing the hair one.

  4. I knew I grew my hair out for a reason. Thanks for the link.


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