How to Make a Cloud Mobile

 This mobile is a great way to use scrap fabrics, or if buying new, you don't need much fabric. It is based on an image I pinned on Pinterest months ago:

 Image from here

And then more recently I was reminded of that when I saw this mobile on the Gather Kits blog:

Image from here

I haven't found the original source for the mobile, though you can buy similar from this Etsy shop, The Butter Flying. So, what I'm saying is that I didn't invent this idea but though I'd post a tutorial about how I made my version.

You Will Need:
White or pale fabric for the cloud (I used flannel)
Fabric scraps for the raindrops
Plastic fishing wire or beading thread to hang the raindrops
Paper or card for drafting templates
Soft toy stuffing
Sewing Machine (preferably)
Plastic or metal ring for hanging (optional)

 1. Draw your cloud template on paper or card. I made the base of mine about 30cm long. Bear in mind that your seam allowance will make the cloud slightly smaller. I drew a cloud of the size I wanted then added on a bit extra for a 1/4" seam allowance. You will also make a raindrop pattern at the desired size- not too small or it will be fiddly to sew. You might want to draw it on a folded piece of paper to ensure it is symmetrical.
2. Get out your scrap fabrics and sift through to decide on colour combinations

3. You can play about with the fabrics to find out which work well together. I went for a rainbow-ish theme, within the boundaries of the fabric I had. My fabrics are plain or with a small white pattern. As the base of my cloud was 30cm, I decided to place the drops every 5cm so I would have 7 drops overall.

4.Use your templates to cut your fabric pieces

5. Sew the cloud with right sides of the fabric together - I used a 1/4" seam allowance as I had allowed for this when making my template. Leave a gap along the lower edge of about 3 inches so that you can add stuffing.

6. Cut notches around the edges of the cloud and clip the inner curves.

7. Turn right side out and use a knitting needle or similar to push out the curves of the cloud. Stuff it with soft toy stuffing and sew up the gap by hand using a whip stitch or invisible stitch.

8. With right sides together sew together the raindrop pieces using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave about a 1" gap on a straight side. Notch around the edges, turn right side out with the help of a knitting needle to create the shape of the drop and stuff through the gap. Sew up gap by hand.

9. Continue for all your raindrops.

10. Lightly mark on the seam of the cloud where you would like the drops to be attached. I used a bit of red chalk, lightly applied.

11. Set out the drop and cloud to decide on the arrangement you would prefer. I went for a random-ish distribution, but you might want to put them on a curve or in a line.

12. Cut a piece of clear thread (I used thread I had for beading) and tie a triple knot in one end. Cut off any small tail close to the knot and thread the thread through from the back of the cloud to the front at the point you have marked on the seam. Thread through a couple of times at the desired length at the top of the cloud and tie a couple of knots for security. Cut off any thread ends. Continue for all raindrops.

13. If using, sew the ring to the back of the cloud. Instead of a ring you might wish to use more clear thread attached to the top of the cloud instead, depending where and how you are going to hang the cloud.

14. Hang and admire!

Suggestions for Alterations
  • Different cloud shapes - more fluffy looking!
  • Multiple clouds attached with clear thread for a larger mobile
  • Embroider or applique a face on the cloud
  • Use a patterned fabric for the cloud
  • Put multiple raindrops on each strand
  • Play with the arrangement of the drops
  • Use the same colour for the drops but different patterns
  • Make a night scene with a moon and stars
  • For a quicker make, use felt (so will be non-fraying) and don't stuff the pieces.
K x


  1. This is so cute, love your version of this. I saw a similar cloud mobile the textile artist Donna Wilson did at 'Wool House' at Somerset House in London. Here's a link to a picture of the nursery she designed.

  2. Love the mobile! Is that a tots bots orange nappy on your shelf (couldn't help noticing the distinctive colour)? If it is they are great, I used tots bots bamboozles with my 2!


    1. Ooh you've got good eyesight! Yes it's a Tots Bots, we bought a couple to try out.

  3. This is lovely and I love the fabrics you chose. Almost worth having a baby for the crafting possibilities it opens up! ;) Also the cat on the shelf looks ace <3 xx

    1. Thanks Lucy - I can't claim to have made the cat unfortunately, it's from Jane Foster.

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial! This looks lovely and I can't wait to give it a go when I get my sewing machine unpacked and a new sewing space set up.

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  6. Amazing, how simple an idea. I'm stealing this one!

  7. Lovely! It's such a nice simple project that it's now becoming my go-to baby present... No more crochet blankets ;)Great tutorial.

  8. Sooooo cute!!!!!

  9. So cute! And great use of scraps - I usually toss my scraps buy now you've got me thinking.

  10. this is beautiful :) its only my ceiling that is left blank :D and this is exactly what I wanted to hang from there :)

  11. This is more thn beautiful

  12. This is such cute. And easy to follow. Going to try this out. Thanks for sharing this cute
    DIY cloud mobile.


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