One In / One Out

I've spent a lot of time over the past few months sorting out things which we no longer need, and getting rid of them to various places, as I posted about here. In order to continue keeping on top of that, I'm trying to keep getting rid of things when I get something new, in some kind of effort to maintain a balance.

Last weekend I took a few things to the charity shop, and thought that a couple of them fitted very neatly into the idea of 'One Out/One In'.

This leaf print tea set, bought from a charity shop a couple of years ago, has been replaced by tea cups and saucers which match my everyday crockery. The pattern is Topic by Meakin - really I could have done with more dinner plates and side plates since these get used the most. However I spied a set of 4 cups and saucers for £3 in a charity shop, to go with the 2 I already had, and couldn't resist.

The leaf set is in great condition and as much as I like it, can't really justify having more than 2 tea sets, since they don't get used a huge amount. I hope someone else appreciates it.

Goodbye to these bronze sandals in favour of these gorgeous new clogs by Lotta from Stockholm. I bought the sandals 4 years ago and though they're still in good nick (they're real leather), they're not as comfortable as some of my other sandals so I never wear them.

I massively love these new Lotta Clogs - my second pair (I have a closed toe pair in red). I was a bit unsure at first as it explains on the website that this style are sized a full size larger than usual, so a bought a UK6. I'm normally a 7/8 and seem to be exactly between sizes. If I buy an 8 quite often I regret it as they get stretched with wear and are too big, while I have to be a bit patient and stretch out a 7. It also depends on the style as I need an 8 if they have a much of a heel.

After a bit of wearing around the house I was ready to wear them outside and I am so chuffed with them.

How do you keep in top of having too many things - do you use a 'One in/One out' approach?

K x


  1. ooo snap! I have the exact same pair of Lottas, and have been wearing them almost every day! I'm v tempted to invest in a red pair too. I like your one-in-one-out approach - v sensible. I'm trying to do the same with things like books, which is proving to be quite hard. I'm working up to doing a massive wardrobe cull too... something about all the sunshine has given me the urge to declutter.

  2. One in/One out is a great system to avoid to much cluttering of your house. We moved twice in two years time and that's a great way of getting rid of stuff as well... Putting everything you own in one truck-load really makes you think about what you need. A lot of stuff we don't need anymore, we take to charity shops, where we always hope someone else will get some good use out of our old things. And the wardrobes get a good look-through every year, but are still too full...

  3. It's a really great principle. It's so easy to just keep gathering because you see something you like and not really give any thought as to whether it will be used! Btw two other things. 1. Love your tea set love 70's (think it's 70's?) homeware, 2. Love and adore your new shoes!!

  4. I live in a very tiny space. Since I sleep in the living room I have the one in/one out rule too. It's the only way I can keep this place looking neat. Of course no one has to know about my dirty secret of stashed fabric all over this house :)

  5. I certainly do! Love those sandals and that tea set is gorgeous. x

  6. Those are gorgeous shoes AND teacups! One-in, one-out seems like a good rule. I find donating stuff to be so satisfying. I like buying things too, but it's almost less fun than making room.

  7. ooh, I love your new crockery! I also have the torpatoffelm clogs in red - love them!

  8. I don't have the clogs, but I do have the Meakin crockery! I have some serving plates inherited from my mum, along with a Susie Cooper coffee cup set which is my pride and joy!


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