A Round Up of Cute Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are really fun to make. They're cute, quick and don't take up much fabric or wool, so are perfect for using up odds and ends. I haven't bought any new materials for any of the baby things I've made (apart from the Nautical Quilt). I haven't made a huge number of baby things as I know they also grow out of them quickly but it's nice to make a few bits and pieces.

Also, my Mum has been on the ball with her knitting and is a baby cardigan production line, so I've gone back to knitting for myself instead :)

Here are three of the recent things I've made:

1. Bunny Ears Hat


Isn't this the sweetest? It's from a vintage McCalls pattern from 1960, kindly sent to me by The Vintage Knitter. The pattern contains a whole host of fancy baby things, including the original embroidery transfers. I went for probably the easiest thing from the pattern, but I think it's the cutest.

All the materials I used were already in my stash - win!

2. Little Trousers

I made these trousers using Made by Rae's free Basic Newborn Pants Pattern, which is a downloadable pdf. Again, this comes together really quickly and is great for using up odds and ends of fabric and I'd highly recommend it for a baby gift idea too. The pink trousers on the left were made from a pair of my old pyjama trousers:
 3. Matinee Jacket

A little bit of knitting, this is a 3-6 month size and just needs a ribbon threaded around the top eyelets to finish it off. The pattern is from the Debbie Bliss Ultimate Book of Baby Knits and is a nice classic style. For some reason the pattern has you change needle size three times when knitting from bottom to top which I thought was unnecessary.

Have you tried any of these patterns?

K x

[This is a scheduled post while I'm on maternity break]


  1. Oh, wow, these are all so tiny and cute! The little rabbit hat is too sweet! Hope you and baby are well!

  2. That bunny ears hat is so cute - I'm glad that you liked the pattern. Also liking the matinee jacket, such a lovely yet practical knit. Good luck with baby! xx

  3. Aw, so sweet & so great to be able to use up fabrics you already have.

  4. OMGosh, that bunny hat is adorable! I love the wee trousers, too, and how sweet that the bairn will have a pair made from mum's PJ bottoms :) Hope you are doing well!

  5. All so, so sweet :) I haven't made ONE baby thing yet, ha, you're doing great!!

  6. Aw I love the little cardigan, so cute! :)

  7. Nice collections for for cute babies.

    That's wonderful,


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