2013 / 2014

This Year I ....

Conquered sewing with knit fabrics and honed my skills on the Renfrew and Babydoll dress from Sew U Stretch
Bought a new sewing machine

 Farewell beret, lost to Glasgow's bus system
Lost 2 handmade hats (sob!)

Threw stuff out and tried to get organised

Made a proper crocheted thing and really enjoyed it

Became a .com

Ruined 2 metres of fabric (argh!)

 The cats don't look interested but my swap gift was lovely!
Hosted a Sewing Swap

Made my first quilt

Finally got around to making that project with embroidered tablecloths

Posted my most popular ever tutorial - How to Make a Cloud Mobile

Confessed to how infrequently I wash my woollens

Bought a serger - And I've even used it!

Posted some funny vintage knitting patterns

I even sewed some clothes for me!

Started planning a Meet Up in Glasgow in 2014

Oh, and produced this delightful little lady of course:

 (Note the dribble - a real action shot!)

Most definitely my best creation ever.

Last New Year I couldn't imagine what my life was going to be like a year on. Knowing that I was pregnant, I didn't want to commit myself to too many projects or plans that I may not be able to complete. Still, I think I've done pretty well.

I haven't counted how many things I made this year, but I'm just pleased that I've been able to continue doing what I enjoy - knitting, sewing and generally making things. I don't have the same amount of time to sew - no more long Saturdays with Miss Marple on the TV in the background - but I still have pockets of time I can use to get out the machine. With reduced time to sew I find that I enjoy it all the more and paradoxically take more time than before, enjoying the process and not rushing things so that the finish of my garments is improved. I have been getting a good amount of knitting done in the evenings; progress with the Deco cardigan is still ongoing and I'll get it finished for Spring.

So what will 2014 bring?

Hopefully making some garments that I love and for people I love - I really must knit that long-promised jumper for my Current Husband, for a start. If I can make 12 garments in 2014 I'll be happy. I'll also have to start baby-proofing my hobbies - As Baby Kestrel becomes able to move around by herself, I'm going to have to be so careful with all my dangerous craft materials (pins hidden in the carpet, knitting needles left on the sofa, scissors...).

Thank You for reading and commenting in 2013 and I hope you'll stick around in 2014

Happy New Year!

K x


  1. What a productive year! And what a gorgeous photo of your best creation! I wish I could make it back for the meetup as it sounds like great fun. Here's to a happy, creative 2014!

  2. So lovely! Looking forward to catching up in the new year!

  3. Such a good year for you - best of all the baby though!

  4. Oh, that girl is gorgeous! And I cannot believe you have been so productive on all of the other fronts, what with the demands of new parenting. Very impressive!

  5. Love your round-up Kerry! Love the photo of your best creation, she's such a cutie! Happy 2014, can't wait to see what you get making! x

  6. Happy New Year, Kerry! And baby Kestrel is just gorgeous!

  7. Looks like you had a great year all round :o)

  8. Blimey what a year!! Looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings :)

  9. You've had a heck of a year...all your creations have been very beautiful, especially Baby Kestrel...what a darling!

  10. Lovely review post!! And what a boomer 2013 was for you. 2014 will therefore hold even more wonders xx

  11. What a fab review, your little girl is gorgeous!


  12. What a marvelous year! And quite productive, especially that cute, cute baby!

  13. What a brilliant year round-up! It was so lovely to meet you in New York too and I am glad you are doing well. All the best for an amazingly productive and fun 2014!!

  14. What a great round up and gorgeous baby kestrel! I thought you weren't going to mention her for a minute! Good luck for 2014 kerry!

  15. Very impressive round up! I'm impressed with your embroidered tablecloth.. I had started one about 7 or 8 years ago and still haven't finished it! (I think I lost the chart for it as well..) Happy creative 2014! :)

  16. A whirlwind of success! Excellent stuff. Especially the baby shaped make ;-)

  17. Happy 2014! Your sweet baby is oh so cute! You had such a productive year! Can't wait to see what you get up to in 2014!

  18. Yup...you were busy indeed and your little lady is a gorgeous make! Here's to another productive year. xxxx

  19. What a darling girl! Happy new year! So wish I could join you on another meet-up, you hosted such a fabulous one last time. Happy sewing!


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