FO: Crochet Hook Roll

I was delighted to finally finish this project as I started it many months ago (possibly even a year ago) by making the crocheted rectangle which forms its base. The apple fabric was bought from M is for Make (I think) even longer ago than that. It matches my John Lewis sewing box so I purchased it with the idea of making some kind of matching accessory. And now I have. FYI fabric fans, it's by Sandi Henderson from her Farmers Market collection, called Apple Dot in Pink.
Closed roll

The wool is left over from another project and the idea came from the Nicki Trench book Cute & Easy Crochet. I used the book project as inspiration since I ended up making the crocheted rectangle as big as the ball of wool I had left, which was smaller than the recommended size. I also added the extra flap at the top so that the hooks definitely wouldn't slide out the top of the roll.
Half open roll, with flap closed

I feel really organised having made this roll and am pleased to have finally done something with that piece of crochet that's been sitting around for so long, without a purpose.

Also, the roll reminds me of a much more twee and benign version of Dexter's set of kill tools...
Image from here

I've been really enjoying a bit of crochet. I don't do any complicated patterns but find the repetition so comforting and absorbing. I'm making hexagons at the minute and they are looking really nice. My initial plan was to use up some leftover wool, but of course that is now spiralling into a potentially huge project which I've calculated will require me to buy 15-20 balls of wool. So much for stash busting, eh?

K x


  1. ROFL at the kill tools. Well, I suppose you could do a fair amount of damage with a crochet hook if you thought about it - bit of mummification perhaps?!

  2. Those tools look deadly but I love the fabric! x

  3. I'm sure with the right motivation you could kill with a crochet hook hehe. I'd have never thought to mix crochet and fabric. I like it!

  4. I do love your mix of fabric and crochet - it's an ideal match (and I really like apple fabric, I am currently trying to resist making clothes for myself out of it as I think I might be a bit too old for clothes with apples on!)

  5. Love your crochet hool roll - perfect fabric!


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