Cardiganthrowblanket (Homage to Simon Starling)

In 2005, the artist Simon Starling took a disused shed from the banks of the river Rhine. He dismantled it, used parts of it to make a boat, sailed the boat down the river with the rest of the shed inside and reassembled the shed in a museum. The resulting artwork is called Shedboatshed and is typical of his work, which reflects his fascination about travel and transformative processes. Even if you're not a fan of contemporary art, you have to admit that this artwork required a great deal of dedication (and is pretty cool).

My own project does not have the same gravitas, and has not helped me to win the Turner Prize BUT it has required dogged determination plus I have ended up with something that it useful and I like.
I have posted this project before, two years ago, in its intermediate incarnation of a sofa throw. At that time I was pretty happy with the throw, but as time went on, it became clear that it wasn't very practical:
The long skinny shape meant that it kept falling off the back of the sofa but also wasn't wide enough to use as a blanket. As I mentioned in that post, the wool and needles cost me £60 (yes, that it is insane) and so I couldn't bear to let it be a useless project or just get rid of it.

I ripped the whole thing out and reknit it again wider and also on a smaller needle size, so that the fabric would be a bit firmer. Now it functions well as a blanket, one of a pile kept on the arm of the sofa which is ideal for dozing under.
Blanket in use - though there is something about this image of my legs under the blanket that I find a bit creepy

Making something from the same wool three times is a record for me. How many times have you reused wool?

K x

If you want to read more about Simon Starling you can find out more here:


  1. Wow, I like it too! I am full of admiration for your re-use and I agree the more you spend the less likely you are to just discard the project...I don't knit but I have been going through my me-mades in a similarly thrifty vein and will get a post up shortly x

  2. I really like it. I'm in the process of knitting 10" x 10" cable squares to make an afghan. It's a knit along on Creativebug. I'll be glad when it's done (20 squares to join together) but it will be nice and warm to wrap myself up in this winter.

  3. That's one of the things I love about knitting: a lot of the time, the final product doesn't have to be final!

  4. Oh dear, three times? I have never reused wool. But I do have one project that I would look to unravel and make into something new, I just haven't quite gotten the motivation to start it.

  5. You deserve a Tina Turner award for fabulousness! We shall start that right now.

    I've reknit the most wonderful cormo/silk natural white yarn three times. I bought it at the very first sheep and wool festival I'd ever been to (New Hampshire) and it was pricey. I didn't like the first sweater, ripped and reknit, didn't like that one and reknit it again. I still have the sweater and still don't wear it but I'm damned if I'll reknit it again.


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