Shop Review: The Cotton Print Factory Shop

 Shop Name: The Cotton Print Factory Shop

Address: 58 Admiral St, Glasgow G41 1HU (on Google Maps here)

Website: None 

Do they sell online? No 

Easy to get to? 
It's in a business/industrial area in the southside so it's easy to get to by car. It's equally accessible by public transport though - it's about 10 minutes walk from Shields Road underground and just off Paisley Road West (near the Grand Ole Opry), which is well served by buses from town. The have customer parking and though there are quite a few stairs there is also a lift.
What's the Shop like? 
They have three floors of fabrics but the top floor is the one of interest to dressmakers as downstairs it's upholstery and curtains. They also offer complimentary tea and coffee to customers. The top floor is a lovely bright space and they have an area of childrens' fabrics plus long rows of tables with cotton poplin and printed poly cottons.
Two long tables of cotton poplins, broadly arranged by colour plus one table of poly cotton

Upholstery and curtain fabrics on sale are on this floor plus assorted other fabrics like jersey, velvet, chiffon or cord, though this seems to change depending on stock. 
They have a knitting section with a nice display of sample garments and a table and chairs to look at pattern books.
What can I buy there?
As the shop name suggests, there is plenty of printed cotton. This is displayed at the centre of the floor but there are plenty of other items worth a look. They sell Rico yarn and Pony brand needles. Their haberdashery, knitting accessories and zips are behind the long counter which isn't very convenient for customers.
What's the best thing to buy there?  
As the name suggests, it's definitely printed cotton. If you are looking for printed poplin or similar I would recommend coming here first because they have a great range at the cheapest prices in the city, £4.95 a metre. I have bought fabric here that I've also seen in John Lewis for £9 a metre. However it's well worth a browse for other fabrics on offer. When I visited they had chiffon for £3.95/m, cotton jersey for £5.75/m and a cute heart print needlecord that I've seen for a more expensive price elsewhere.
 Plenty of choice of cottons
£3.95/m chiffon
Jersey and stretch fabrics
Sum it up
You won't find printed cotton cheaper anywhere else in Glasgow. Plus their other fabrics are well worth a look and you can get a free cuppa at the end of your visit.

This is one of a series of reviews of fabric and wool shops in Glasgow. See more here. All posts are independent and represent my own opinions.


  1. Oh my God! I was in Glasgow yesterday and I wish that I had known about this place. It looks freakin' brilliant. I am so glad that you have shared it here. Thank you. Xxxx

    1. You're welcome! Glad the post was useful

    2. I'm going to have to get on a plane and come for a visit to Glasgow. The state I live in in the US doesn't have anything remotely like what you have in your town. We have a few independent knitting shops, and a few independent quilting shops, but nothing like what you have been posting. Would I take a trip across the pond for sewing and knitting? Sure, why not :) We won't mention that I'm 90 minutes from New York City and could find similar stores there.

  2. This shop sounds amazing. Awesome fabric *and* complimentary tea! I can't believe I've visited Glasgow so many times and never known about this shop. Thanks for the review :)

  3. How have I not heard of this place before? I feel an urge to go over there right now!


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