Shop Review: Gold Thimble

Shop Name: Gold Thimble 

Address: 70 Coustonholm Rd, Glasgow, G43 1TZ (on Google Maps here)

Website: They have a website which is not yet active ( so their Facebook profile is more useful (

Do they sell online? No 

Easy to get to?  
It's in Shawlands in the southside of Glasgow, just off Pollokshaws road which is well served by loads of buses, and near to Pollokshaws East train station.
What's the Shop like? 
Gold Thimble is just slightly removed from the main strip of shops in Shawlands. It's a real treat to visit and a very useful resource to crafters and dressmakers in the area. It's small but absolutely rammed full of fabrics, yarn and trimmings.

 Printed viscose and poly

I asked the owner what makes it different from other shops in Glasgow and she said, "My taste"; which is a mix of Asian and Western. You will find a very enticing selection of patterned fabrics, from vibrant digital prints to more subdued tones. I don't know a dressmaker who can resist the lure of a pattern, and you will find great patterns here in abundance.

Prices are very competitive too, from around £4 per metre or even cheaper when they have a sale. Not everything is priced and you'll need to have a bit of a rummage but you'll be sure to uncover some gems. They do also sell plain fabrics too - I've bought plain viscose but I had to ask for it as it was not in the shop. So it's always worth asking if you can't see what you're looking for. It's a busy spot too, I'm amazed I managed to get photos without any people in, as I visited on a Thursday afternoon and there were about 5 other people who came and went within 20 minutes.
Fat Quarter selection
What can I buy there?
Fabrics - from craft cottons to viscose, velvet, fleece and stretch dance fabric. They have a bit of everything. They sell Gutermann thread plus sell other haberdashery items, which is very handy if you live locally and don't want to go into town
Printed cottons, with fleeces at the top
 Sequins, and sparkly stretch dance fabric

There are a few brands of yarn available, plus loads of ribbons and trim.
What's the best thing to buy there?  
Definitely the printed viscoses, they have a great selection. They start from about £4.50 a metre - this bow print was £4.50 a metre and was a lovely quality:
More luxurious fabrics are available too, like this vibrant ice velvet at £10/metre:
They also have a great range of trimmings, from the blingtastic to the more subtle. I love this cross-stitched one:
 I was very taken by this digital print polyester:
Sum it up
A real gem and a great asset to the Southside. You'll struggle to leave empty handed.

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  1. This is on the same side of town as me and I didn't even know it was there. What a great wee shop. Will definitely have to go check it out. Love the cross stitch trim too. xx

    1. Ah great! I'm sure you'll enjoy a visit, there's lots to see

  2. Great shots - I love this shop and you've really shown just how much is in there :)

    1. Thanks Elaine, as it's your local I'm glad I've done it justice

  3. Ooh, love those trimmings! Haven't ever heard of this place before, I must check it out some time

    1. Ah, if you like pretty trimmings this is definitely the shop for you!

  4. THIS one has me hopping up and down in my seat wanting to visit Glasgow!!!

    1. That's a great compliment coming from a craft shop owner :)

  5. Replies
    1. I know, I really would like some it is so pretty

  6. Guess where I'm off to this weekend....

  7. Hi! Great review - Gold Thimble is having a bit of a makeover and it's got loads of new stock! It would be great if you could visit again!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Delighted to hear about the makeover, I will definitely try and visit again soon


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