Vintage Pattern Inspiration: Accessories

'Accessories' is a wide-ranging topic. My original idea behind this post was that it might provide some ideas for anyone who would like to join in with the Vintage Pledge but who isn't really interested in making garments. However once I started to delve into the dark corners of the Vintage Pattern Wiki, I felt compelled to share some of the 'unusual' patterns I found. Some of these suggestions are a bit wild and others are more practical. I'll let you judge for yourself.


Hats have been popular with our vintage pledgers this year. Check out these three lovely examples:
From left to right: Beyond MeasureBlack TulipPetit Main Sauvage (Photos from their blogs)

Mrs Depew of A Few Threads Loose wrote a great post earlier this year about vintage hat patterns, as apparently accessory and hat patterns are particularly rare and prized. The 1930s hat pattern she mentions sold for over $200!

I had to include this Betsey Johnson pattern for a hat and sandals, because I've never seen anything like it
The sandals and hat are pretty special - plus paired with a head-to-toe green look, makes for a memorable outfit!

This McCalls 'Crazy Caps' pattern also caught my eye:
So weird!

The Vintage Pattern Wiki has a section for Babushkas, which are those headscarves, usually tied under the chin. I didn't know what they were called, and now I do, although I doubt I'll be making one.

Dressing Gowns/Robes

The design of these hasn't changed for decades so a vintage pattern is unlikely to look out of place with a modern wardrobe.  They make good gifts due to lack of fitting required, and you could personalise with initials too, if you were feeling fancy.

Make Up Capes

OK, so who knew this was a thing? The pattern above is described on Vintage Pattern Wiki as:
Companion-Butterick 2298; ca. 1942; Women's and Misses' Make-Up Cape or Robe. The simple, quick and effective way of keeping your dress neat. A, waist length tie-on beauty make-up cape that will cover your shoulders and yet allow freedom of movement. B, the alternate long length beauty robe. "Quick and Easy".

And yep, just look at this...
Anyone fancy trying to revive this as a fashion statement?


I've made a few toys from vintage patterns and patterns can generally be found cheaply on eBay. I've made a large horse-shaped floor cushion as well as a vintage quiet/activity book from 1970s patterns.

As is the case with many vintage patterns, you may have to look past the styling to the drawings of the pattern. Look how sweet this teddy bear with wardrobe pattern is?
If you look at 'toy sewing patterns' on eBay you might be surprised at the range of toys, from simple 'flat' shapes to more complex 3-Dimensional shapes. Plus, if you're a child of the 80s like me, you might have to restrain yourself from buying patterns to make an Emu, Basil Brush or family of Wombles. Or, don't restrain yourself!
Lots of toy patterns only use small pieces of fabric, so are ideal for using up scraps too. Dolls clothes are also great for using up small bits of fabric. Simplicity's vintage reissues include dolls clothes patterns for dolls of different sizes.


This is so kitsch and perfectly 1960s:
 This combined bag and hat pattern is really elegant:

A man's tie pattern like this would probably be something you'd use over and over again:
I thought I might include accessories like gloves in this round up, but I'm not sure who would sew their own gloves today, unless you were a vintage sewing enthausiast with a real eye for detail.

I hope you've found something here of interest, all images from the Vintage Pattern Wiki, unless stated otherwise.

Don't forget that it's not too late to join in with Vintage Pledge! Sign up at A Stitching Odyssey here.

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  1. I confess, I'm a vintage accessories nut....Loved this post!!
    This is a post with some of my favourite vintage bag patterns if you want to have a look:

  2. I have lots of vintage hats and something called a whimsy apparently. Who knew. I love all these patterns and the Crazy Caps gave me a good chuckle. I would love to sew the cat one
    . Xx

  3. Fab ideas...I like the toys and the hats look so elegant except for the so strange bonnet thing! I'm really intrigued by the Betsy Johnson pattern for hat and sandals! X

  4. I think I need a make-up cape! x

  5. Talking of accessories. I just made a matching belt tutorial on my blog ideal for vintage dresses. Go and have a look.


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