FO: Fox Print Toddler Dress with Girl Charlee Fabric

Another instalment of toddler sewing in this post. For this dress I went back to the same issue of Ottobre magazine that I used for the previous dresses I made - Spring 2015. This time I chose the Free Stars Dress pattern, which is straighter and more tunic-like in shape than the other dresses. It also has pockets, which are a bit hit with my toddler.
The fabric I used is a fox print from Girl Charlee. They offered to send me some fabric for a project of my choice and I thought this print was perfect for a fun dress. It is available in this deep blue as well as an aqua colourway.
The fabric is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. I had no issues with colour loss in the pre-washing stage and am hoping that it holds up well to frequent washing and wearing, as that is certainly required for a toddler garment.

The fabric is described on the website as 'medium weight with a nice stretch.' I didn't find it tremendously stretchy, not as much as either of the two fabrics I used for the last two dresses. This was only an issue on the neck binding, as a binding piece cut at the recommended length was too short. I had to cut a piece a couple of centimetres longer, which worked fine. The amount of stretch shouldn't be a problem for most garments but it's something to be aware of.
I have a couple of action photos - although it's plenty long in the arms the body length is a bit shorter than I wanted. I think I forgot to add seam allowance to the back piece, as this ended up being shorter than the front piece and I had to even them up. It will be fine worn with leggings or tights as she gets taller though.
These type of jersey dresses really are perfect for toddlers and Miss Kestrel really likes the fox print. And, of course, the pockets. Perfect for collecting shells, stones and other small items.

After that burst of toddler sewing, I've got my own Autumn sewing plans to sort out now. Though they will include some more toddler sewing, as I keep acquiring jersey prints that are perfect for toddler clothes.

K x

Disclaimer: This fabric was sent to me for free by Girl Charlee - all opinions are my own.


  1. So cute! It looks like a perfect play dress. I love the fabric - I used it to make myself a top last year and I wear it all the time. It has held up great in the wash for me.

  2. Her curls!!! What a cutie! The dress is really sweet on her.

  3. Ah those curls!! I love the dress, and pockets seem to be a hit, whatever your age!

  4. This is lovely, great shape and fabric. A real winner.

  5. Hi Kerry
    Thanks for featuring our fabric, the dress looks so cute! We hope Miss Kestral enjoys wearing it.

  6. She's such a cutie! Love those curls! That's a great pattern/print combo - I'm sure she'll get loads of wear from it.

  7. Aw I love it, such cute fabric! :)

  8. What an adorable dress, beautifully modelled! xxx


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