Three Things to Sew for Autumn

When I sat down to make a list of things to sew for Autumn/Winter, it got longer and longer. I remembered about all the heavier weight fabric from my stash that I wanted to sew with, and the things I wanted to make for Miss Kestrel. It was a bit overwhelming, so I decided to pick out 3 items that were top of the list and use the long list as an 'aide memoire' that I could dip into.

Here are my top 3 things to make:

Raglan sleeve sweatshirt 

When Girl Charlee offered me some free fabric I chose the fox print (as blogged previously) and also this monochrome geometric print french terry. I have never sewn with french terry and was intrigued to try it, as well as loving the print.

I got the Simplicity 1317 pattern on sale at just over £4, which is like the ubiquitous Grainline Linden sweatshirt but, y'know, cheaper. I don't sew with modern Big 4 very often so I will be keeping my eye on the sizing as I want a fitted look and they tend to have a lot of ease. I've ordered some samples of ribbing as I think it would look good with a white or black rib at neck and cuffs. It would probably look good with black sleeves (like the bottom left view) too.

Denim skirt or pinafore

I have some lovely stash denim and would like to make both a denim skirt and pinafore since I wear my existing skirts all the time and I love the idea of a pinafore. The pattern used will definitely be a vintage one from my stash - despite having lots of 70s and 80s skirt patterns, I've just bought the one above because I love the big pocket version. I think I will probably make it first.

I bought this pattern from the awesome DestinedRendezvous Etsy shop - they have a brilliant range of patterns and shipping is reasonable, perhaps because it's from Canada and not the U.S. as I find most U.S. Etsy sellers have crazy shipping prices these days. Also, I was buying 2 patterns and she combined shipping costs when I asked. Lauren Lladybird has recently made a 1970s denim skirt with big pockets (but more A-Line shape) using a pattern bought from the same shop.


This is my adventurous one! I admired Marilla Walker's tights on Instagram recently and she encouraged me to try making my own too. She has made her own Alice tights pattern (which she kindly sent me) that I would really like to try.

I find that my winter wardrobe can look a bit lacking in colour, and coloured or patterned tights would be a great way to inject some brightness into my life. As a tall lady, I also find tights that are too short are incredibly annoying so to be able to make my own would be amazing.

I bought the above mustard rib fabric from Minerva Crafts for £3.99/m because it was one of the fabrics Marilla had successfully used for tights, so I felt I was on safe ground with it. I think the colour will look perfect with reds, denim and tan - all colours I want to incorporate into my wardrobe a bit more.

K x


  1. Love that rib. I've never made tights but would like to; my problem is knowing which fabrics to use, so this is useful! Jen

  2. such a good idea to do a "three things" approach to sewing lists. I might have to copy this - it's a great way to actually filter out what you really need from the long list of what you'd like to sew! Looking forward to hearing/seeing how the tights turn out. And love that skirt pattern!

  3. Tights hmmmm will be waiting patiently to see those, an interesting d x

  4. Hmmm, that fabric is different! I think Minerva have kept the product page link, but changed the fabric (or something mysterious like that). Not a bad thing though as this looks lovely. In fact it's so lovely I'm off to get some too! Love all your winter sewing plans! ;-)

    1. Uh oh, I just checked back at your post and see what you mean, it's not the same. Now I'm not sure that the fabric I bought has enough vertical stretch, I haven't examined it closely...damn!

  5. That skirt pattern! When I was about 14 I made the side-split version in burgundy, the centre-split version in white (eek - see-through and it needed lining!) and the back-pleated one in a blue tweed (the pleats sagged). I feel really really old now. I need a cup of tea.

  6. Now maybe this is what Inshould be doing. I want to sew so many things and because I am not really focused on what I want to make first, I know I will end up not making anying. When I go back home, I really need to sit down and think of what I want to sew and when.

  7. This is a lovely list of things to make - and the idea of having a top 3 is much more manageable. I have just bene writing out my A/W sewing plans and the list is huge! I know I'll never get through it all so maybei need to cut down to a top 3 as well. ooh and I just checked out Lladybird's skirt - it's gorgeous!

  8. Oooh hose tights will be perfect with that 70s skirt for sure! I too feel overwhelmed by my list of things to make this winter (especially my knitting, when I realized the list was enough for an entire year of knitting, ha ha). I should look at it and try to narrow it down to just a few things like you did, great idea! Even if I don't get to anything else, I think that way I could still feel "accomplished".

  9. I like your pattern selection, especially that 1970's skirt pattern. The pockets are fabulous. I have one that is a bit like that, the pockets are identical and were also the reason that I bought the pattern. It is a bit more flared though. I am looking forward to seeing how your's turns out as I really liked your other denim skirt. I am in awe of you making tights. I think that they sound like they would be hard to fit. That colour is fabulous. Will you use some of the knit in your sweatshirt? Xx

  10. Love that skirt pattern, those pockets are fabulous. Good luck making tights; that sounds fiddly!

  11. Such a great idea to pare down your list to a few essentials... my long list is pretty daunting and between that and my stupid schedule, I haven't had time to attempt one single thing since posting it! I'm loving these ideas and can't wait to see how they come together!


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