Finished : Some knitting! Two Shawls

A shawl is the perfect project to use up a skein of beautiful, special yarn. When I bought some gorgeous 4 ply at the marketplace of the In the Loop 4 knitting conference a couple of months ago, it was soon wound into a ball and was on my needles.
The pattern I chose was the Paulina Popiolek Noel shawl pattern. This was actually one of the patterns recommended to me by Helen of Ripples Crafts when I bought the yarn from her at the Marketplace. It's a 4 ply Bluefaced Leicester in the colour 'Stormy Seas' - no longer on her site in this colourway but from this section.
(Close up for detail - colour is off)

It was enjoyable to knit, with a row repeat pattern that was easy to remember. However the picot bind of instructions led to some serious head scratching and frustration, and I abandoned the project at this stage for a few weeks. When I returned to it, I found that I was able to puzzle it out, but I think the instructions are not clearly written for this section.
In progress, using a project bag which was a gift from the lovely Roobeedoo

The resulting shawl is really long and quite narrow (240 cm long!) but I think it's very elegant and the perfect use for a single skein of 4 ply.
Weird self-portrait picture

The second shawl was made using the Spiral Staircase pattern, but modified as some others on Ravelry have also done. This was another one with an easy to remember row repeat, even simpler than the Noel in fact, but so effective.
I really love the zig zag edge and the curved shape. This was a gift and I forgot to take better pictures before I packed it up and sent it away. These were taken while it was blocking on a beach towel.
Obviously a damp shawl makes the perfect place for feline relaxing

The yawn I used was West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply in Cayenne Pepper from their spice rack range. I was looking for a solid, vibrant red, and I can't remember how I found this one, but it's lovely quality. I bought it directly from WYS online and they have some lovely colours -  a mix of bright and muted shades that work together beautifully. I love the shades in this Illustrious range - gorgeous!
So what's next on the needles? Something using stash yarn I think - perhaps a hat, and then I would love to make an Ysolda Strokkur sweater at some point during Autumn/Winter, or maybe an cardigan.

What about you?

K x


  1. Lovely shawls and I particularly like the denim blue yarn colour. As for my knitting, I'm working on my own design for a pair of Fair Isle wrist-warmers, but I've just brought some wool to make my first ever shawl. This is it:

  2. I love your shawls. The recipient of your gifted one must have been thrilled! I can't knit, but love handknits and have recently persuaded my mother to make me an infinity scarf and wrist warmers in self patterning wool (Crofter dk) in soft misty colours for the winter xx

  3. Lovely shawls! They look perfect for keeping the cold wind off your neck.
    Cats can't seem to resist a blocking piece of knitwear. It's crazy.

  4. I like those, really wearable and modern. Top knits.

  5. Both the shawls are lovely. What is it about cats "resting" in the most awkward places? Mine regularly jump onto our log basket or into a tiny space on the windowsill and sleep with their face squashed up against the window!


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