Two Cool Things

I wanted to share a couple of my recent favourite things, found via blogs. One relates to knitting and the other to sewing. The first is:

The Knitulator by Eskimimi Makes

If you're a knitter who hates calculating, I bet your heart sinks when you are asked to increase or decrease a certain number of stitches evenly across a row. However I work it out, I can never get it quite even.

This handy calculator tells you exactly how to knit the increase or decrease into your row. I don't know if such a thing exists anywhere else, but it was news to me and I've successfully used it already. Hooray.
Image from Sew it or Throw it

The second thing I want to share is a blog post from Sew it or Throw it. This is a real favourite blog of mine, with Liza Mae taking (mostly vintage) patterns and evaluating whether to make them or get rid of them. Her background is as a pattern maker for TV and film, and can you believe that her collection includes the original pattern for Maude Lebowski's Bowling Valkyrie costume from The Big Lebowski??!! Do read her story about Maude's costume.

K x


  1. Hey! What a delight to be featured here! Thanks and yay!

  2. Thanks for sharing these - the 'knitulator' is just what I was after as I hate any maths....


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