FO: A Pink & Purple Toddler Dress

Despite my extensive collection of vintage sewing patterns, the vintage kids patterns I have are pretty random. I've never really collected these purposefully, so the ones I do have tend to be whatever have come my way from eBay pattern bundles and charity shop finds. So, when I decided to make a classic party dress for Miss Kestrel, I turned to a contemporary pattern instead.

Pattern Used
New Look 6118 - A toddler/child's dress for ages 3-8
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I liked that it was a classic style of dress, and as the pattern is sized up to age 8, I hope to get many years of party dress making out of it!
Glitter Tattoo Excitement

Fabric & Notions
I used a pink and purple wax print that I bought in London. This was CHEAP - like £6 for the standard 5 metre length. So it's not great quality - the print is a bit off register and the feel of the fabric is a little rough. I'm not even really a fan of the colours, but ended up buying it as I spent so long browsing the wax fabrics that I felt I had to buy something!

However Miss Kestrel suits pinks and purples and I thought it was a fun print for a party dress. I underlined with white cotton lawn for comfort.
Making the seat into a drum

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made
The smallest size is 3 and Miss K is only 2, so I cut a 3 and used big side seam allowances for the bodice and skirt. I think it still looks a little big though. I also used big hems on the skirt, so it can probably be made larger without too much difficulty.

Did you use any new techniques?
Yes - the technique that you use to bind the edges of the back skirt opening. I admit this was totally baffling to me at first, both in text and diagram form. After some swearing, I managed to follow it, even though I didn't understand why I was doing it. It worked, although this bit is a bit puckered. However I couldn't bear to rip it out and decided that I could live with it.

Do you ever get to that point in a project? Where you decide you can make peace with something that's not right, in the interests of keeping motivated?
Glow in the dark jewellery was a big hit
Would you recommend it to others?
Yes, as it's a classic style and I think it is good value because of the size range and the additional bolero pattern. I will likely make it again.

Pattern - Can't remember - £5?
Fabric - £6 for the length though I have loads left
Lining - £6 for he cotton lawn
Buttons & ribbon - Buttons were a gift, ribbon about 90p

Total - £17.90
This is how most of my photos of the dress looked. Toddlers are impossible to photograph!

I'm really pleased with the resulting dress and I would definitely make it again and also try making the bolero. I was really tempted to make a bolero in fake fur, but the one I liked best in Remnant Kings was £27.99 I metre, so I decided that was too pricey. How cute would a mini fake fur bolero be though? Adorable!

K x


  1. cute! miss K is adorable! good tip on the pattern tho - i may have to make a first communion dress for my friend's little girl and that pattern could be perfect!

    1. Thanks Jo, it's a great classic party dress pattern

  2. She looks so cute, and she's getting so big!!! The dress looks like a big hit! As does the party!

  3. She looks very happy in her new dress. You will use this pattern again and again I am sure.

  4. Fab dress, Miss K is adorable :)

  5. She looks lovely! I love the classic dress style on girls :)

  6. She looks so cute! Great job x

  7. Your little princess is adorable. I like little girls dresses and I have quite a few vintage - I am just waiting for someone to get big enough for me to warrant making it now. I have a really nice one i bought from Straightgrain, an online pattern company. You are so lucky to have a little girl to sew for.

    1. I've never heard of Straightgrain, will have to check them out

  8. Oh what a cutie - the dress looks gorgeous on her! Thank goodness my sons don't have to rely on my non-existant sewing skills, I bitch enough about attaching badges from cubs.

    1. Sewing on badges is too close to the boring category of sewing - mending! I bet I wouldn't do it either

  9. Great dress! And I can't believe how big she is. Seems like yesterday that you were pregnant!
    I love New Look patterns for little girls. I have quite a few :)

  10. What a lovely dress, and she looks very happy with it! The colours look lovely on her. I've got a vintage boys jacket pattern I'd like to make sometime, maybe I should make that part of my vintage pledge!

    1. That sounds sweet, you should definitely make it!

  11. What a cute dress. Your daughter looks lovely in it and she is getting so big. I didn't use vintage patterns for Sprogzilla when she was wee but bought lots from the fabric market in Wageningen where you could get the fabrics to match the sample dresses. Some of the were very cute but quite Euro. Xx

  12. This is super cute on her!


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