Work in Progress Wednesday

The beginnings of a Stephen West Dotted Rays shawl. I was inspired to cast on my Franca's lovely version.

You can't really tell here but my main yarn is greeny-grey Skein Queen that I picked up in a lucky charity shop find last year. The stripe is a beautiful intense Yarn Yard violet.

I wasn't hugely impressed with how the pattern was written and had a few false starts - I recommend this Ravelry post with really clear step-by-step photos for the first stage. Now I've knitted a chunk I am enjoying it a lot more.

I've been doing lots of text editing in work recently, and choosing the right words can be so tricky. Just as with knitting patterns, it's a real art to be able to explain things clearly in a way that make sense to most people.

K x


  1. This looks as though it's going to be amazing.

  2. I agree, the cast on thing is unclear, and I got super confused by the 'knit to X stitches before last turn' thing because I apparently I can't read and read end for last turn. I've made one of his other patterns before ( a free one) and I thought the instructions were clear there


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