Vintage Pledge July Extravaganza!!!!!

Since January, Marie and I have been planning for Vintage Pledge July. Starting from tomorrow, we are featuring a host of guest posts on our blogs, from other participants in the pledge.  We are also running a month-long Instagram challenge with some excellent prizes too. For more details, read on!

Friday 1 JulyIntroduction A Stitching Odyssey & Kestrel Makes
Saturday 2 JulyJet Set SewingA Stitching Odyssey
Sunday 3 JulyMy Happy Sewing PlaceKestrel Makes
Monday 4 JulyGussets & GodetsA Stitching Odyssey
Tuesday 5 JulyMichelle, ma belle...tres bien ensembleKestrel Makes
Wednesday 6 JulyHandmade JaneA Stitching Odyssey
Thursday 7 JulyNicole NeedlesKestrel Makes
Friday 8 JulyA Stitching Odyssey #bvsewalongA Stitching Odyssey
Saturday 9 JulyModern Vintage CupcakesKestrel Makes
Sunday 10 JulyLady SewalotA Stitching Odyssey
Mon 11 JulyBeyond MeasureKestrel Makes
Tue 12 JulyUntangling KnotsA Stitching Odyssey
Wed 13 JulyHandmade By Heather BKestrel Makes
Thur 14 JulyElena KnitsA Stitching Odyssey
Fri 15 JulyKestrel Makes #bvsewalongKestrel Makes
Sat 16 JulyBlack TulipA Stitching Odyssey
Sun 17 JulySewin' in the RainKestrel Makes
Mon 18 JulyFadanistaA Stitching Odyssey
Tue 19 JulyMermaid's PurseKestrel Makes
Wed 20 JulyI Want to be a TurtleA Stitching Odyssey
Thur 21 JulyLavender & TwillKestrel Makes
Fri 22 JulyMiss Kacy SewsA Stitching Odyssey
Sat 23 JulyBetty StitchupKestrel Makes
Sun 24 JulyUp Sew LateA Stitching Odyssey
Mon 25 JulyVery Kerry BerryKestrel Makes
Tue 26 JulyThree Stories HighA Stitching Odyssey
Wed 27 JulyAllie J.Kestrel Makes
Thur 28 JulyPetit Main SauvageA Stitching Odyssey
Fri 29 JulyThe Vintage KnitterKestrel Makes
Sat 30 JulyBy Gum, By GollyA Stitching Odyssey
Sun 31 JulyThe Story Sew Far / Seamstress ErinKestrel Makes / A Stitching Odyssey

Thanks to all our fantastic bloggers who will be sharing their projects with us during July!

On Instagram we have a daily photo prompt challenge - with prizes from our generous sponsors. The Instagram competition is open to all, so please do join in:

K xx


  1. This is great. So much to read though it's making me feel guilty that I haven't finished anything from my pledge yet. This is just the push I need. :) Xx

    1. Don't worry - still 6 months to go! I was really slow to get started with it this year

  2. So exciting, can't wait to read the line up. I'm also excited to participate in the Instagram Challenge ;)

    1. Delighted to have you on board with Instagram - should be fun!


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