Finished: Vintage Pinafore Dress

I've been seeing pinafores and dungaree dresses all over the place and was looking forward to making my own this Autumn. I wanted a plain colour to wear over coloured jersey tops and with black tights. I have a few suitable vintage patterns in my stash and this one fitted the bill:
New Look Maudella 6139 from late 1970s/early 1980s (undated). The only difference between the two views is that one has tie straps, which are a nice detail but not for this version.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
Loved the pleats, as a way to add interest when using a plain fabric. I decided to topstitch these in a blue thread that matches the blue slubs in the fabric. And I love the pockets, of course.


Fabric & Notions
Some £5/m fabric bought from the Man Outside Sainsburys in Walthamstow Market earlier this year. I was being sensible and bought this plain-ish fabric because I liked the slubby texture but need to sew more plain garments. It was sold to me as a 'linen wool mix' however it is more 'mix' than anything else. After I washed it, I noticed how static-y it was and this continues to be the main issue with the fabric which I find really annoying. Also it hardly creases too so must have a very minimal amount of linen.

Pattern alterations or any design changes
None, I made a straight 34" bust as I knew it had a forgiving fit.
Pattern £1.50
Fabric £10
Zip & Thread £3

Total £14.50

This actually took longer to sew than I thought, as it has quite a few pieces when you include the front and back yokes and facings. I was a bit unsure that it would look too much like a maternity dress but although it loose fitting, I really like the shape and how the fabric falls under the pleats. The static fabric is pretty annoying though as it literally crackles when I move, which I am not particularly happy about. I've been getting used to wearing this new shape and think I would make it again.

Also, it's another Vintage Pledge make, so hooray!
K x


  1. Lovely dress! It looks great on you. Sorry about the static in the fabric though - I can imagine that would be annoying.

  2. It looks great,the pleats add interest. So annoying about the fabric

  3. Ah it takes me back to me early teens when this style was so popular! I really consolidated my sewing skills on frocks like that one. So comfortable to wear, and they are generally more shapely than they look like they would be.
    I hope you find solution to the static - I spray my legs etc with hairspray and it really helps, but that's more of a cling thing.

    1. Yes, all about picking the right fabric I think, nothing too stiff

  4. Ooh it looks really good! I love the way it hangs under the pleats, and the topstitching you've used. How annoying about that fabric! Though no creasing sounds like it might be good for a pair of trousers, the crackling not so much!

    1. Cheers, very pleased with my pleats and topstitching!

  5. It looks great on you and reminds me of a dress I made at secondary school back in the 80s - yours is a far lovelier version though!

  6. I love this, it's a shame the fabric is annoying!

  7. What a lovely dress. Those pleats on the front are fabulous. I love the topstitching. Xx


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