Finished: Super Comfy 1990s Trousers

It must be about a decade since I have worn trousers that aren't either jeans, pyjama trousers or jogging bottoms for an exercise class. I bought this pattern nearly 2 years ago with the plan to make some casual trousers and have, at last, got around to making them.

My current husband told me they look like something Elaine Benes would wear, and also asked if they had pockets that I could put my tamagotchi in (they do). So even to his non-fashion-expert eye they look pretty 90s. I'm surprisingly fine with that as I seem to be incorporating quite a few 90s styles into my wardrobe. Just not the ugly clumpy shoes. Never. I'm very happy to live in the 21st century for my shoes, thanks.

Simplicity 1887, a pattern for trousers in two lengths with cuff variations, plus shorts and a skirt in two lengths. The waistband is elasticated at the back and all the styles have pockets. From the 'Designs by Karen Z' range (I don't know who she is). I made the longest length trousers without the elasticated leg cuffs.

Reason for pattern choice
I fancied making a pair of comfy summer trousers or even shorts, and these looked forgiving to fit.

Fabric & Notions
The fabric is a drapey viscose bought on eBay from Regency Rags (it's called Chalk Stripes) in January this year. It's nice quality and wasn't too hard to work with.

Pattern alterations or any design changes
Ha! See last post on crazy pattern ease. I measured about a 16 and cut a 10. I had to let the waistband out as it was a bit tight going over my thighs so it ended up around a 12 (with 10 in the legs). If I had cut the pattern at the size I measured, this project would have resulted in clown trousers. I also added 2" to the length but this still only allowed for the scant-ist of hems.
Best effort at a back view
How was it to sew?
Straightforward once the fit issues were tackled. I cut the legs and waistband for the 10 and basted the legs to fit to check size. Though I had to let out the waistband it still fit onto the legs fine. Probably due to my slightly lax cutting of the viscose.

I managed to put three holes in the fabric during the project due to the slip of a seam ripper and then accidentally serging the inside of the pocket to the waistband. Luckily the holes were in inconspicuous places where I could easily patch up using interfacing stuck on the reverse.
The front of the waistband is flat which looks nicer than elasticated all the way around - you can add a waist tie but I felt this would be adding unnecessary bulk and make it more difficult to wear a top untucked. I didn't get any good photos of the waistband while wearing them, so the rather rumpled photo above will have to suffice. I really like the look of the two channels of elastic but it was a bit tricky to do - one is bad enough! 

Would you sew it again and do anything different next time?
Yes I would sew again and would also make the shorts and maybe even the skirt - I love an elasticated waistband.

Would you recommend it to others?
Definitely, as long as you are aware of the ease issues, and also use a drapey fabric or the front pleats will look puffy and weird.

Fabric                   £7.66
Pattern                  £5 (Pretty sure I bought it for about half price)
Elastic & Thread  £3

TOTAL                £15.66

Great pattern but WWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY the crazy ease, Simplicity??!! For some reason I thought this fabric pattern would be able to go with more than it actually does, but horizontally striped tops are out as they look really weird with the vertical stripe - although it's not a complete stripe. A bit annoying but they'll still get plenty of wear - they are so comfy to wear, just like pyjamas.

K x


  1. Oh I like them! They look nice but super comfy at the same time. When my son was moving out he found his tamagotchi. It still worked and was worth some money on ebay if he chose to sell it. It brought back horrible memories of him asking me to take care of it when he would go away to his dad's house for weekend visits :) And yeah, I took care of it for him. The things you do for your kids.

    1. Ha ha, my brother had one but I don't think he was as good at taking care of it as your son - that's very caring of him!

  2. These look great - almost enough to convert me to trousers (almost). So glad you checked the ease first, though!

    1. I'm still getting used to casual trousers too but these are just soooo comfy

  3. I don't think that they look like 90's trousers at all. They just look really comfy and stylish and a bit like the Hudson trousers that were all over the blogosphere, just without the bands at the ankles. I love the fabric and the fit is lovely. I still can't get over 8" of ease though, incredible. I hated the clumpy shoes but I will forgive the 90's as the music was fab. Sprogzilla had a Tamagotchi but she always let it die then got really upset as she was only wee. Xx

    1. There was definitely a lot of good music (and TV) in the 90s. But the shoes - not for me :)

  4. I don't think they look like 90s trousers either, but that may be the way you wear them (all modern and such). I love clumpy shoes, but I was a grown up in the 90s so that was my thang...clunky shoes and black opaque tights go with everything.

    1. Ah yes, classic 90s style! Because I'm tall I always found it hard to get nice flat shoes, such a thing didn't really exist in the 90s

  5. I think these look great! I'd love to make some trousers like this for the summer. I even have the fabric, just no energy to sew right now. That amount of ease is just crazy!!

    1. I'm thinking about making another pair and some shorts too - they are lovely to wear

  6. I have have this pattern - I bought it because all the pieces looked useful and comfy too. I think the trousers are cute. I have teenage daughters and this style is pretty current, they wear theirs with cropped tops just like in the 90's! Now there's one trend I won't be reliving :))

  7. Love these trousers, you picked the perfect fabric and that blue shirt looks really good with it!


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